Something Greater

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Reading through Matthew 12 the other day I noticed a recurring statement coming from the mouth of Jesus:

“Something greater . . . is here”

Three times, Christ indicates his supremacy over aspects of Jewish life that the Jews he was talking with would have held in the highest regard.

  1. Christ is > the Temple (Mt 12:6)

    Christ declares that he is lord of the Sabbath, and through him alone can we find the eternal rest that the sabbath points to.

  2. Christ is > Jonah (Mt 12:41)

    Christ declares that he is greater than the Old Testament prophets, like Jonah, by being, himself the fulfillment what they prophesied.

  3. Christ is > Solomon (Mt 12:42)

    Christ declares that his message and kingdom are far wiser and greater than that of the wise King Solomon.

In other words, Christ was declaring that he should be held in the highest of regards as their—and our—Priest, Prophet, and King.


HT: ESV Study Bible Notes
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