Integration! – Writing with a depth of understanding

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There are a few things that consistently stand out to me in great writing, but one of the foremost is the integration between schools of thought.

By connecting one field on study with another, the author conveys that he/she understands the integrated complexity of this world—the way in which what we believe about one area of life influences our actions in another.

I found a great example of this depth of understanding in the following section of Political Thought. The author takes his theoretical understanding of the sinfulness of man and applies it to his practical understanding of political thought.

If we accept the truth about the sinfulness of human beings—and it is the better part of wisdom and experience to do so—then we should perhaps consider revising our expectations of what can be achieved through the institution of government. Instead of setting out our own grand visions of what sort of substantive justice could be created and then imposed upon society like some transparent overlay, perhaps we should simply be more vigilant about injustice, which seems a more certain path. Rather than seeking to confiscate great fortunes and spreading them out to a populace or declaring new measures of the value of work and dictating them to employers in the hopes of reating new and better worlds, it may be far wiser to more vigorously punish forcible assaults and fraudulent schemes. A limited government with very specific mandates can still successfully punish evil. But it takes a Leviathan to envision and enact our dreams. And too often, they become nightmares.

—Baker, Hunter. Political Thought: A Student’s Guide. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2012.

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