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Below are all posts which bring practice to bear on the theoretical aspects of the Christian life

Heavy Laden

An army of snowflakes falls from the sky. Drifting to battle, “Attack!” is their cry. Floating with purpose, their target acquired, The trooper-less chutes, have found their desire. (A) regiment of flakes in formation stands, Upon a branch holding more weight than planned. Legion on Legion the branch bends down low, Defeated at last by […]

Book Review: Humble Orthodoxy

While it makes for an atypical review, I want to begin by sharing a bit of my testimony: My time in graduate school was frustrating. As I’d soon learn, however, I was the source of my own frustration. My degree focused on the “practical” aspects of ministry (mentoring, biblical counseling, educational models, etc…), and I […]

question slip

Self-Denial in a Self-Indulgent Culture

A few weeks ago I was part of a panel answering questions on the topic of romance and relationships for the boys in our youth group. One of the students (via an anonymous slip of paper) asked why God would give feelings of attraction at such a young age without providing an outlet for those feelings […]

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