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Ted is a PhD student in the Higher Education Studies and Leadership program at Baylor University where he studies the history, philosophy, and systems of higher ed. This degree builds upon his M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry and his undergrad degrees in Business/Economics and Communication from from Wheaton College (IL).

Ted loves Kate, reading, writing, grilling, rose gardening, live classical music, skiing, and teaching his boys the sounds dinosaurs make.

About Text and World

The Christian life is filled with unnecessary divisions. The foremost of which being the gap between theory and praxis. In determining a theme for this collection of thoughts, I went to webster for a deeper understanding of these words and came across this definition:

praxis |ˈpraksəs|, noun formal

practice, as distinguished from theory: the gap between theory and praxis, text and world.

As the example sentence suggests, a gap between theory and praxis exists. We do not always allow our theory to ignite our practice. We do not allow the texts we read to ignite our lives in this world. With the Text as the compass, I hope to forge a path between this gap that we might see text and our world reunited in the lives of believers.

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