A Bit of Unsolicited Advice for Men in Preparation for Valentine’s Day

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Men, in case you haven’t seen—or you’ve chosen to ignore—the signs displaying the price of a dozen roses, you should know, this Thursday is Valentine’s day. In light of this, I thought I’d share a little unsolicited advice:

For those of you in relationships:

  • Buy flowers. It may seem trite to you, but it won’t to her.
  • Plan something fun, then let her know that you have something planned. Women love the anticipation.
  • There’s no need to freak out about your plans. Whatever you end up doing will be great for the simple reason that you’re the one doing it. Anything on the spectrum from roses with no card to skydiving as a knight in shining armor (including horse) will do just fine.

For those of you not in relationships:

  • Consider asking out that girl you have a crush on. Even if it’s only for a group date or a low pressure date at Qdoba, take the opportunity to make a single woman feel special.
  • Whether you celebrate it with a girl or not, stop talking about how much you hate Valentine’s day. Women hate guys who hate love.
  • High-five. You’ve managed to save both time and money. Enjoy it, but then realize that relationships are far more satisfying.
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