10 Reasons to Read “Date Your Wife”

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Date Your Wife Cover

While reading pre-release books is a nice perk of working in publishing, my job doesn’t require a full read through, so I often only have time to do a quick scan before moving onto the next project. This means that when they are finally released, it’s fun to sift through the books I’ve scanned and select one worth a more thorough reading (e.g. Lit! and Loving the Way Jesus Loves).

This month, Crossway releases Justin Buzzard‘s Date Your Wife and last night I gave it one of my “second readings.” The whole thing. I couldn’t put it down. Here’s why (there are more reasons, but 10 seemed like a nice even number) . . .

Ten Reasons I loved Date Your Wife

  1. It’s fundamentally about the gospel
  2. It uses the practical context of marriage to put the glory of the gospel on display—creating a great way to initiate conversation with unbelieving friends
  3. The pacing was incredibly well done. As soon as Justin hits readers with a big gut check he allows them room to process by moving into an anecdote that slowly drives the point of the chapter further
  4. Each chapter has an important take away that builds on the previous chapters
  5. Whether the reader is “dating his wife” as Justin describes or or not, this book will serve as an encouragement for him to lean further into Jesus in order to further cultivate and guard his wife.
  6. It calls men to cast a big vision for their marriage instead of “letting life happen to them.”
  7. It hangs together coherently and rings true with the personal touch of Justin’s life story. This is not another abstract marriage book
  8. It’s humorous when appropriate and necessary.
  9. It speaks to the cultural context in which we live and what culture thinks we need (responsibility) and then calls men to something beyond that, by the power of Christ
  10. It’s endorsed by Justin’s wife—all the endorsements wouldn’t mean anything if Justin’s wife hadn’t added her “stamp” of approval in the afterword.
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