Mercury Rising: A Short Story

“I’ll show them” Mercury made finite progress towards his infinite goal. Hand over hand and face to slope, he felt the coolness of the morning with each maneuver. Mercury paused to catch his visible breath. The sun was preparing to rise. As the sun rose from behind a neighboring peak, so did the wind. Another […]

Heavy Laden

An army of snowflakes falls from the sky. Drifting to battle, “Attack!” is their cry. Floating with purpose, their target acquired, The trooper-less chutes, have found their desire. (A) regiment of flakes in formation stands, Upon a branch holding more weight than planned. Legion on Legion the branch bends down low, Defeated at last by […]

Clear Winter Nights

Book Review: Clear Winter Nights

Story is powerful. Think about your conversation at dinner last night. Regardless of what you talked about, how did you talk about it? Chances are high your conversation—like mine—consisted of a string of stories that moved your group from point a to point b. “I had this friend in high school…” gets us to “The […]

Book Review: Who Do You Think You Are?

In Who Do You Think You Are?, Mark Driscoll unpacks the multifaceted new identity we have in Christ by working through the book of Ephesians. In his introduction, Driscoll claims, “this world’s fundamental problem is that we don’t understand who we truly are—children of God made in his image—and instead define ourselves by any number of things other than […]

The Power of the Dark Lord

  An especially insightful selection from The Fellowship on unity, and the power of the Dark Lord to destroy it: ‘Alas for the folly of these days!’ said Legolas. ‘Here all are enemies of the one Enemy, and yet I must walk blind, while the sun is merry in the woodland under leaves of gold!’ […]

Book Review: Humble Orthodoxy

While it makes for an atypical review, I want to begin by sharing a bit of my testimony: My time in graduate school was frustrating. As I’d soon learn, however, I was the source of my own frustration. My degree focused on the “practical” aspects of ministry (mentoring, biblical counseling, educational models, etc…), and I […]

question slip

Self-Denial in a Self-Indulgent Culture

A few weeks ago I was part of a panel answering questions on the topic of romance and relationships for the boys in our youth group. One of the students (via an anonymous slip of paper) asked why God would give feelings of attraction at such a young age without providing an outlet for those feelings […]

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